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Consumer relations

Our packaging is changing

The Government of Canada has introduced the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) which is to come into effect later this year. This will impact Pall Mall packaging.

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Pall Mall Core

In order to comply with the plain packaging regulations, some basic changes are being made.

Introducing a change to Pall Mall Core

Moving forward, only KS and Regular formats will be allowed. Therefore the current format of the Special xl offer will be transformed into KS format.

However, the new Pall Mall Special xl offer will still feature 10% more tobacco than Pall Mall KS, and of course, the same great taste and quality you expect and enjoy.

The FlowFilterPlus™ with charcoal will be redesigned, placing the tube section in the middle of the filter for a clean tip and even firmer feel.

The new Pall Mall xl will also be available in a pack of 25.

Pall Mall Core Product names are changing:

Pall Mall XL Bold is now Pall Mall xl Bold

Pall Mall Gold is now Pall Mall Smooth

Pall Mall XL Blue is now Pall Mall xl Smooth

Pall Mall Red is now Pall Mall Full

Pall Mall Blue is now Pall Mall Smooth

However, these changes won't affect great Pall Mall taste.

For more information on Plain Pack regulations, please visit